How We Work

The Regular brand label and quilted stiching

Less but better...

We're not interested in designing extensive collections with variations of the same.  We're only interested in hero pieces, designs that stand the test of time.  Always innovating, creating and sampling but only when a design is the best it can be does it make the cut. 

 The Regular spec drawings and illustrations

Small is beautiful...

We only make in limited batch runs..partly so we can manage production and maintain quality but primarily to reduce waste of any kind.

As a result of this we never go 'on sale' as built in obseletion goes against our design ethos.  If it is designed well, and made well, it never goes out of style.

The Regular brand close up of Quilty Super Sized Totes

Pre-orders (embracing new ways of doing things)...

Making limited batch does mean, at times, we sell out.  Amazing as this is we don't like to dissappoint so where we can, we offer pre-orders.  That way, no one misses out.. plus it gives us a steer on production quantities and helps manage demand.

The Regular Quilt Dresses in ivory linen