"We have a shared love of craft, a paired back aesthetic and a passion for designs that last a lifetime."
Bex Courtney Wells and Vic Holbrook founders of THE REGULARFounders, Vic and Bex

Doing things differently...

Over the years we have designed for some of the world's leading fashion brands where the drive for constant innovation meant the collections we designed became redundant, sometimes within weeks, as the next season's pieces arrived on the shelves.  We hated the waste and the 'over designing' that comes with this model of doing things and we wanted to do things differently, in a more thoughtful and considered way.

It's been a bit nerve wracking at times..

We're a bit geeky about good design and believe that if something is designed well it doesn't need gimmicks or re-thinking season after season.  If a piece is made well it can, and should, last a lifetime. 
At the beginning we questioned our approach, which goes against the industry grain, but we knew instinctively that this was the right thing to do.  We were also convinced that other people shared our ethos of 'buy less, choose well' and our love of simple pieces that were 'made to last'.

Being able to celebrate the good stuff...

Our slower approach to fashion means that we can do the things we really love like embracing the craft that goes into making.  We're passionate about using heritage practises in a modern way.  From the artisanal skills that go into making our leather totes, to the process of garment-dyeing bespoke colours or the 'signature' quilting that runs across much of the collection, each piece celebrates the process of making as much as the design itself.

Pare it back, keep it local, use natural...

From the very beginning we were really proud to put our sustainable principles at the forefront of how we do things.  Wether it's supporting UK manufacturing, the type of natural materials chosen or working with local, social enterprises each process is driven by our desire to be kinder to the environment and the community we live in.

Keeping it regular...

We share the same vision for designing timeless pieces that get better with age.  Pieces that are made with love and celebrate the crafts that are used to create them.  It's not rocket science, or an elusive alchemy of ideas..it's just simple, honest and regular.