Runners Up in the 'Sustainable Lifestyle Awards 2019'.  

"THE REGULAR has a very high style quotient... 

The bags are timeless, long-lasting, hard-wearing, well priced, made locally and have a low carbon footprint..."                                                       
Sustainable Lifestyle Awards 2019


Design Ethos

Our whole design ethos here at THE REGULAR is centered around our desire for sustainability.  Our aim is to make thoughtful, ethical and informed choices every step of the way.

Having spent many years designing high end fashion for multiple global brands, founders Vic Holbrook and Bex Courtney-Wells were determined to create a brand which embraced the principles of slow fashion.  They wanted their work to transcend trends, designing timeless pieces that will get better with age and last a lifetime. At The Regular, we believe that good design offers beauty in form, good design is functional, and ultimately, good design is useful.  Good design is contemporary and fresh, and yet looks better with age. Really good design tells a story and creates emotional connections. With great design, comes true and honest sustainability. The thing is, we believe all of our pieces to be trans - seasonal, beautiful, timeless, ageless, precious, everyday and useful.  They are all natural, they are respectful, and they will last a lifetime, and surely, there is nothing more sustainable than this.  



THE REGULAR embrace natural materials, our dresses are made out of cotton and linen and our leather pieces are made using traditional vegetable tanned leathers.  The veg tan leathers come from the heart of Tuscany, and can take up to 60 days to tan, using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. We continually strive to use the most eco-friendly materials and sourcing them is an ongoing journey for us.



We support local makers and micro factories.  Our garments and leather goods are all made by the highest skilled artisans, and family-run factories here in the UK.  Our carbon footprint is also considerably reduced, as we only make here in the UK.



From our packing boxes and tissue paper, to our paper tapes and mailing 'potato sacks', we only use materials that are biodegradable and contain as many recycled elements as possible.  Even our business cards and swing tickets are made from re-cycled t-shirts.


Community Matters

We are keen to work with like minded, slow fashion folk and will do so wherever possible.  We are especially proud to support the 'Working Well Trust', an East London charitable foundation which tackles mental health problems at a grass roots level, who exclusively stitch together all of our accessory dust bags.

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