Portrait of Vic Holbrook and Bex Courtney-Wells wearing linen Quilt Dress from THE REGULAR

Founded by a passion to design products that would last a lifetime, and united by a fairly obscure love of all things quilted, long time friends Bex Courtney-Wells and Vic Holbrook put their years of design experience into creating THE REGULAR.

Having designed accessories for numerous global luxury brands, both designers bemoaned how difficult it was to buy “the perfect tote”.  A tote that was as practical as it was beautiful. A tote that was both modern and simple, which transcended the increasingly boring and out of touch, cyclical world of “trends”, where something else was always "the new black".  A tote which celebrated quality and craftsmanship, that was not overly branded, and was honest and value for money. A tote that used natural materials which didn't cost the earth, and would get better with age, use and time.

They never found that tote and wondered why it was so hard to find something so simple, and so, well, REGULAR.  With this as their starting point, they began a journey which has led from one tote to a small collection based on what they love, what they want to use and what they want to wear.

“We realised that we both appreciated the same things in design; sharing a special fondness for seventies nostalgia, and the laid back bohemian vibe associated with that.  The items we cherished were more often than not handed down within our families, or found in a flea market.  They were things that were as beautiful as they were practical; scuffed, chipped, faded and worn but each piece loved all the more for it, and each with a story to tell”.

For this micro batch of pieces, the founders have gone back to basics - drafting and cutting all of the patterns themselves, sewing up prototypes, salpa’s and toiles, trusting their instinct on colour, fit and proportion and controlling every single part of the process to ensure it was exactly how they wanted it to look and feel.  It’s taken time, but they are happy, it is "right", and they are very much looking forward to sharing it with their REGULAR community. More than anything, they hope that their pieces will be worn, cherished and loved and tell their own stories over the passage of time.